TV Shows that created the best Sex Gifs

Finding sex GIFS and free sex pics on the internet is one of the most easiest things to do today. There are literally millions of adult websites which cater to hosting nothing but hot and wild material. Within their many categories of porn images, are those of celebrities. People love to see famous stars nude or engaged in sex acts. It is part of the reason why celebrity sex pics and celebrity porn GIF images are so popular.

For decades, there have been countless of mainstream Hollywood films which have generated internet buzz due to nude and sex scenes. You can find endless porn GIF images, video clips and sex pics of stars from these movies. But, there are also many out there from TV shows. The past few years, hundreds of Television or cable shows have turned up the heat. That is when it comes to what type of sexual encounters and hot nude scenes they show. Unlike mainstream movies or regular network TV, cable doesn’t have to worry about ratings. Apart from showing actual sexual penetration, they can pretty much show anything in relation to sex images.

The following list contains some of the names of TV shows that created the best sex GIFS and porn pics ever. These are shows that have had sex scenes that will make anyone’s head spin. And their penis and vaginas explode from excitement.

Ray Donovan – The Showtime hit series may be known for its violence and ruthlessness. However, there are also many great sex GIFS and sex pics from the show people can enjoy. The show is full of female characters who are beautiful and sexy. Stars such as Vinessa Shaw, Chasty Ballasteros, Brooke Smith, Christy Williams, Alyssa Diaz and Paula Malcomson are just some of the names. All of them have done sex scenes or shown their breasts, pussies and more.

Orange Is The New Black – The lesbian category is one, if not the most popular in the adult porn world. Since the show Orange Is The New Black is about a women’s prison, there is no shortage of lesbian action here. The show has produced infinite number of lesbian sex pics and sex GIFS.

Outlander – The popular television series set in World War II, delivers plenty of material involving sex acts. Fans of actress Caitriona Balf can see her nice breasts in many nude scenes. There are other female and male celebrities who you can also see nude in this show.

Rome – Even though the HBO series only lasted 3 seasons, there was enough sexual encounters to last a long time. While the show was a historical drama, everyone knows how the Romans felt about sex. In this series, the sex GIFS and sex pics of many hot stars are quite a few.

Game Of Thrones – Apart from being one of the best and most popular series ever, GOT also delivers when it comes to sex scenes. Beautiful and sexy stars such as Emilia Clarke, Lena Hedley, Emily Diamond, Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, Natalie Dormer and Nathalie Emmanuel have all shown some parts of their bodies. Some have engaged in sex acts as well. Overall, Game of Thrones has given fans a large number of hot sex GIFS and sex pics to enjoy.

Californation – One can expect nothing but sex and wild encounters on a show named Californation. That is exactly what you will find based on several episodes which deliver hot sex scenes. The main leading actor David Duchovny sleeps around with countless of females in the state. No wonder the show has produced such a high amount of sex pictures and sex GIF images.

Spartacus – The fan favorite American television series takes place in the days of gladiator glory. But the show is also well ranked for its penchant for wild, hot and erotic nude scenes. One doesn’t have to search too hard to find all kinds of sex GIF images, sex pics and more deriving from the series. There are countless of beautiful and sexy stars – both male and female – which have taken it all off for the series. Tits, ass, fucking and moaning are a way of life in the world of Spartacus.

True Blood – Some see True Blood as the X-rated version of the popular Twilight movies. That’s because in truth, the mainstream films sort of inspired the vampire series. Besides biting, there is plenty of sexual intercourse and nudity going on in the show.

Banshee – When you have a mob boss, gangs, crimes and small town, you get tons of sex. Porn lovers can enjoy free sex pics and sex GIFS from the TV show. Actress Ivana Milicevic is reason enough to watch the series. When you add her being nude and showing her breast and doing simulated sex in the series, then it makes it better.

Shameless – Even though the series is based on a drama and comedy, there is enough sex going on here to keep you wide-eyed. It appears as if every character on the show has sex with another sooner or later. That leads to hundreds of hot sex gifs images and sex pics for users to enjoy.

Masters Of Sex – No compilation of TV shows dealing with sex pics and sex GIFS would be complete without including this series. Masters of Sex deal with sex research so of course there is bound to be intercourse. The lead characters get to watch couples have sex while they examine them. In turn, viewers get to enjoy all the free sex pics and other material which comes from the series.